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BMC Website Design

BMC is an online professional makeup line for the public and experts alike. With a large product line and inventory, the BMC website is a busy online source providing an ongoing professional line of cosmetic products to users. BMC appreciates diversity and personal preferance and is available for all ages and races. BMC is a proud sector of makeup professionals and fashion designers working together to bring design, creativity and vision to life.

bmc beauty pic

BMC teams up with Surus Interactive for a second time to create and develop a new digital platform that will respond to the desires of both, the amateur and professional artist. BMC reached out to Surus wanting to create something new and clean in a way that would capture the attention and imagination of the makeup professional where flair for new color themes to compliment fashion trends was important. Since makeup professionals are now looking for newer and healthier products to introduce to their clients, it was necessary to build a responsive site that would capture the attention of the right audience.

BMC Collage

Creating a website with modern useability

The Surus team felt top notch photography for all scenes and product previews was the most important in order to leave the audience with a mind full of pictures and ideas they can use on their clients. We then, imediately went to work on a site that could be accessed from anywhere, on any device, while maintaining a clean, beautiful and seamless layout.

Color Rich High Impact
Product Display!

The Results

technical layers


Using beautiful professional photography, an easy display and layout and a responsive design, BMC is now able to display and proudly feature a beautiful product line of rich cosmetics that will capture the attention of the right audience.

Using simple navigation, BMC’s website provides the user with a seamless experience by helping them find what they’re looking for quickly and with little effort. This site is built to respond to different devices comfortably.