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National PELRA Website Development

NPELRA - National Public Employer Labor Relations Association labor relations and human resources professionals. National PELRA works hard to provide its members with progressive, high quality labor relations education, advice and resources.

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Surus Interactive's concept was to build a responsive design and seamless search experience. This site's features are educational and document products that would be offered to Human Resources Professionals across the United States. Because of its emphasis on education, it was our objective to design a site that connects with HR Professionals already working in the corporate environment, helping them to feel confident in, not only choosing the right educational product or resource tool, but to guide them through educational videos and conventions that will help them in their quest to improve as an HR Professional.

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Creating a site with a modern design and technology

The Surus team creates mobile first websites to encourage multi-device platform marketing. Our objective is to deliver content as effectively and comprehensively as possible. Since National PELRA’s audience would be diverse, it was important to design a site that appeals to everyone within the corporate environment.

Responsive Design provides NPELRA with a more
functional website!

The Results

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Comprehensive Online Presence

Through modern imagery and clever design we are able to create a cool interactive experience that features Human Resources educational products and resource materials.

Simple navigation also helps a user find what they’re looking for quickly and with little effort. This site is built to respond to different devices comfortably.