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Project Wildlife Website Design

Project Wildlife is an online resource for one of the most biologically diverse areas of the United States, Southern California. With a large number of endangered species it’s important for the public to be aware of an organization that is available 24/7, 365 days a year to help when a hurt or injured animal needs help.
The organization is home to over 400 volunteers and 70 satellite care sites that contribute hundreds of hours each month
and volunteer their time to work tirelessly to provide triage or pre-release care to orphaned, hurt or injured animals.
It’s Project Wildlife’s mision to improve the quality of life for local wildlife.

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Project Wildlife teams up with Surus Interactive to create and develop a new digital platform that will respond to the immediate care and emergency treatment of hurt or injured animals. Project Willife approached Surus wanting to create something new and creative in a way that would capture the interest and imagination of, not only those in need of emergency animal help, but also those interested in donating to the organization by providing an online method of capturing those donations. The site would also serve as a platform for those who would like to be volunteers and to those who are interested in becoming part of the dedicated staff that would help hurt or injured animals have a second chance.

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Creating a website with flair

Our team's priority to make sure the website maintained its focus on gaining public attention through donations and volunteers. One of our objectives was to inspire trust from the public, so having one on one, or two on one, or even ten on one meetings with Project Wildlife was vital so that we made sure we were telling their story correctly.

Creative & Imaginative
while Enhancing Customer Reach!