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SONY Watch Now Website Design

SONY develops a tablet to integrate with SONY TV to create a more entertaining, interactive watching experience. This is when SONY teamed up with us to create their “Watch Now” website to demonstrate the process of how nicely integrated their tablet, UX and Sony TV really are. Sony brought to the public a way for television to be more enjoyable through their broadcast search and find program guide which enabled the user to discover new shows and simplify the entire TV show preview process.


SONY Watch Now was built with a responsive design with a parallax experience to find content quickly. The idea was to create a website that would preview the broadcast program guide, along with SONY’s Xperia tablet, to make it easy for users to find TV content easily and quickly. The instructions were to just simply throw the particular program icon toward the TV, then just Watch Now!

Watch Now

Responsive Design provides SONY a platform to feature SONY’s new “Watch Now” app!

Watch Now

The Results



Through modern imagery, design and parallax technology we are able to create a cool way to preview SONY’s Watch Now app and Xperia Tablet.

Simple navigation also helps a user find what they’re looking for quickly and with little effort. This site is built to respond to different devices comfortably.