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Stonewell Construction Website Design

Stonewell Construction is a website featuring professional home and landscape construction. From patios and cabanas, custom swimming pools, fire elements such as outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, creative landscaping to residential remodeling and room additions, Stonewell Construction Inc. designs and builds perfect outdoor and indoor specifically suited for homes and HOA communities. From classic creations to modern design, Stonewell Construction Inc. is known for their quality work and finest work ethic. A company built on integrity and the talent ability to do the job right.

stonewell easy fit

Stonewell Construction Inc. teams up with Surus Interactive for a second time to create and develop a new digital platform that will respond to the desires of both, homeowners and HOA developers. Tommy approached Surus wanting to create something new and clean in a way that would capture the interest and imagination of those wanting to design and build either a classic or modern outdoor environment. Since modern developers are now looking for professional landscape construction portfolios on their phones and tablets, it was ncessary to build a responsive site that would display beautifully on all devices, as well as a standard desktop computer.

Stonewell Collage

Creating a website with modern useability

The Surus team enlisted the help of a professional photographer to capture the essence of what Stonewell is all about. We then, imediately went to work on a site that could be accessed from anywhere, on any device, while maintaining a clean, beautiful and seamless layout.

Beautiful Layout and Responsive Design technology to Enhance Stonewell’s Customer Reach!

Early on in the project it was important for the Surus team to discover what were Stonewell’s strengths and feature those while telling a story that would inspire trust and encourage creativity from Stonewell’s customers to really expand ideas to design and build an outstanding outdoor and indoor environment.

The Results


An Online Presence to be Proud of

Through modern imagery using professional photography, a beautiful layout and a responsive design, Stonewell is now able to display and proudly feature a beautiful portfolio of landscape construction that will capture the attention of the right audience.

Using simple navigation with mega-menu display, Stonewell’s website provides the user with a seamless experience by helping them find what they’re looking for quickly and with little effort. This site is built to respond to different devices comfortably.